World’s Best 5 IT Company, That Created Some Crazy Software You Must Know these || 2021 || Technogazm ||

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The World’s Best 5 information technology (IT) Company, the global market rate is expected to grow from $7850.57 billion in 2020 to $8370.95 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.6%.

Information technology (IT) is that the use of any computers, storage and networking, and other physical devices, also IoT, Cloud computing, privacy, Online security, etc.

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Best 5 IT Company Of World

1. Infosys, List Of Best 5 IT Company Of World

Best IT Company

Infosys is an Indian MNC company that gives IT solutions to its client through business process consulting. It is a second largest compny.

s well as software development and business process. Its headquarter is in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. and it has around 200000+ employees.

Its market revenue around $34 billion. During the financial year 2017, Infosys had a 4% hiring rate and received around 1,290,000 application.

He received applications from employees who were interested in building their careers with Infosys.

Its workforce consists of employees from 100 different countries.

The revenue is $10.21 Billion



It is one of the Best leading IT services companies which helps clients to transform their existing business.

It is consistently ready to maintain its ranking of fastest-growing companies within the world.

Cognizant is a unique industry base consulting approach actually helping clients to create more innovative and efficient businesses.

Its headquarter is in the U.S, Cognizant is consistently growing there revenue day by day and it’s increased from $7.7 Billion to $13.5 billion currently.

The revenue is $ 14.81 Billion


Best IT Company

Capgemini is one of the best leading IT within the world having a robust global presence.

The brand IT services providing consulting, professional services etc. by 190000+ employee globally , Over the year.

All helped the corporate have more business in IT, technology and strategy domains.

It’s another business initiative of Capgemini which has put the corporate within the company of the highest IT companies within the world.

The Revenue is $ 15.73 Billion

4.Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Best IT Company

TCS has many functional domains like consulting, software development, infrastructure support and business process. It’s headquarter is in Mumbai, India.

As of 2017, it’s also been ranked 10th within the Fortune India 500 list. It has the sectors like Banking and Financials, Communication, and etc.

Media & Technology, Energy– Resources and Utilities, Insurance, manufacturing, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Retail, Public services etc.

It is the larger company ever in all over India , It is old Company and treatable company.

Revenue is : $17.57 Billion

5.SAP (Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing)

Best IT Company

SAP has been ready to successfully build its image as world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and hardware related services.

It has 88,000 employees in additional than 130+ countries and supported market.

It has 380,000 customers in over 170+ countries.

Strong history of technology innovation and it’s always focused on innovating new technology, like IoT, Machine Learning etc.

SAP is the primary company to create ERP solutions and it always focused on extending the business processes the customer expectations.

Revenue of the is $28.86 Billion

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World’s Best 5 IT Company, That Created Some Crazy Software You Must Know these || 2021 || Technogazm ||

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