Biggest Social Media Platforms In Trouble, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram May not be able to Operate In India from May 26 || 2021 || Technogazm ||

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 New Post That is the Big Social Media Platforms In Trouble, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

May not be able to Operate In India from May 26
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Biggest Companies like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram In Trouble.

Facebook Twitter and Instagram

Social media companies in india are running against time.

And Now facing a threat of losing their status in failing to comply with the centre’s guidelines of the government.

On february 25th had issued new social media rules and asked the companies to accept these rules within three months.

Notice that’s send to these Companies

Notice that's send to these Companies

The facebook instagram and twitter have not responded to these notice.

Now the center has issued an another notice that saying.

If the social media companies do not comply with the new rules they may be come liable for criminal action and may be banne in India.

Social media companies change their terms and conditions in the next say 24 to 48 hours or will we see action against these social media companies.

what Is Going To be happen With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook Twitter and Instagram

let’s just put this into perspective of what really is happening and why are we questioning whether we’ll actually see some of action on these social media companies or will be change &C.

Remember other than all the social media platforms only cool till now has actually complied to these changes now.

The question is will twitter and facebook actually be blogged in india.

Why are we raising this question because there are new social media rules that came into effect from the 26th of may so as we said time is running out for the social media companies.

Central Government Send Notice In February

Facebook Twitter and Instagram

In the month of february these companies were given three months to comply with these rules.

As i said they were notified in february and they were given a time period of about three months no other.

Social media companies may lose their intermediary status and this is what has been the biggest you know talking point as far.

Social media companies are concerned

They’ve always said that they’re just an intermediary but now if they fail to comply will they actually lose their status and ban in India

Companies may also be subject to criminal action in india and this is very very important.

It so now what are you picking up from your sources because the time is running out will we actually see blocking of facebook and twitter in india post 26th of may.

Now Government Gonna to Ban Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Facebook Twitter and Instagram

The government is concerned they are not ruling that out they are clearly saying that these rules come into effect on 26 may and 27th night that is tonight itself action could be initiated

These companies are not above rules where they have to comply with the rules of india what’s important to highlight.

Here is that these are intermediaries and rules for intermediaries is completely different.

what it is for say a media platform and what these officers were clearly offices.

Facebook Twitter and Instagram

Informed was that you have to ensure that is a regressive cell there is a compliance report and any kind of removal or access of information should be with a reason and there was a three-month window as we pointed out was given the rules were notified

In february 25th the rules window that the window ends on may 25th non-compliance is something that the government says is a matter of use concern and that they can.

You know companies have so far displayed known cooperative attitudes

If they Not Opened Headquarters In India then,

If they Not Opened Headquarters In India then,

They’re continuing to maintain that yes your headquarters may be in US but when you are doing business in india.

Then you have much to explain because some platforms like twitter keep their own fact checkers.

Whose names neither are made popular nor is there any transparency and hence they have a very selective understanding same thing happened in the context of twitter

That you might you remember which was slapped off by the i.e ministry saying that how can you just flag off.

If it is a subject of investigation then let the law enforcement bodies in india investigate then how can you take a stand and plan a tweet??

Facebook Twitter and Instagram

Note – If the guidelines are changed by Facebook and Twitter. We can continue to access this platforms and We’ll Notified Soon.

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