Some Dangerous Mistakes You May Be Doing In WhatsApp || Check Now || New Features Of WhatsApp || Technogazm || 2021 ||

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WhatsApp is the most famous messaging app by over 2 billion people in over 180 countries. WhatsApp replaced the traditional SMS system years ago. now New Features Of WhatsApp are Ready to Rock

Those, who do not use WhatsApp are probably rare. WhatsApp has its own advantages and challenges.

WhatsApp can do a lot of things. At the same time, some people are making some mistakes in WhatsApp.

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Some Dangerous Mistakes You May Be Doing In WhatsApp || Check Now || New Features Of WhatsApp ||

Don’t Enter Too Much Information In The Profile. || New Features Of WhatsApp

New Features Of WhatsApp

It’s better to keep a simple profile. Your profile does not reveal much information about you and your family.

In your DP don’t show more about you, Use as a simple massaging App.

This is important because your WhatsApp profile can be seen by everyone on your contact list.

‘Two-Step Verification’ PIN system

New Features Of WhatsApp

This Two-step verification prevents you, from falling victim to SIM swap fraud.

This feature does not allow others to set up your WhatsApp account on another device by stealing OTP from you.

this feature is useful by going to Settings and turning on the ‘Two-Step Verification‘ PIN system

Lock WhatsApp account with Touch ID Lock / Face ID Lock.

New Features Of WhatsApp

Lock WhatsApp with Touch ID Lock / Face ID Lock.

Touch ID Lock / Face ID Lock for the locking mechanism will work as soon as WhatsApp closes and It is more secure.

Go to Account> Privacy> Screen Lock for activation.

Stop Saving WhatsApp Media Files In Your Smartphone

New Features Of WhatsApp

Another setting that you have to pay attention it.

Remember that your phone’s internal memory is going to be used when saving all WhatsApp photos within the gallery.

So, if you are doing not want images just like the simple morning appearing in your gallery, you’ll turn this feature off within the Sturring menu.

Don’t Send Forwarded Messages That You Simply aren’t Sure.

New Features Of WhatsApp

You will receive tons of forwarded messages on WhatsApp a day that’s meant to disrupt law and order, destroy harmony, promote suicide, and promote violence, Do not forward these.

The police have the facility to probe your WhatsApp chats.

You are liable for even the messages you forward without knowing it. In short, don’t forward something you’re unsure of for any reason.

Disable auto Backup of Chats.

New Features Of WhatsApp

chat backups saved in iCloud or Google Drive aren’t encrypted Therefore, it’s an honest idea to export important and guarded chats and save them safely elsewhere Unnecessary backup of all WhatsApp chats can cause unnecessary use of space for storing. And it’s not very useful

Don’t forget to show on Device Linking Security Update WhatsApp

New Features Of WhatsApp

has added extra protection once you want to link your WhatsApp account to your computer.

To link your WhatsApp account to a laptop/desktop via the WhatsApp web, you’ll be asked to use Face, Fingerprint or password Unlock on your phone before scanning the QR code from the phone.

With this feature, you’ll receive a pop-up notification whenever an internet / desktop login occurs to make sure that your WhatsApp chats aren’t seen by anyone else

New Features Of WhatsApp.

New Features Of WhatsApp

Right now the telephone number of the business is visible in Business Info and, users get the choice to message on the left and make audio and video calls on the right.

Whenever the corporate launches this feature, the business user will see four options in these messages, voice calls, and consistent with the blog site, consistent with the blog site, this feature remains at the event stage, the corporate has not given any information on when it’ll start

This redesigned header feature is going to be given for the disappearing message, during which the users will skill these features work, and therefore the second beta tester also will be releasing these features soon

Installed messaging app WhatsApp is getting used the foremost, WhatsApp is now getting to bring new features to extend the experience of its users, so now it’s getting to be tons of fun to use and it’ll even be very easy to talk.

WhatsApp is functioning on the new chat shortcuts UI features, in these features, the chat shortcut is going to be redesigned, these features are going to be given for the shortcut redesign Business Info section, these features are going to be launched just for the WhatsApp business android app

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