New Invention is on Atmosphere Water Generator || Can we generate water from air ??

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Hello Techie lover… I’m here with the new and fresh post that is Atmosphere Water Generator

Can we generate water from air ??

If you are thinking it’s impossible then read this blog.

I am sure you love this blog , India Moving forward” we are generating water from air.

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Atmosphere Water Generator !

IIT Madras team comes up with the new technology that generates potable water from the air !

atmosphere water generator
atmosphere water generator

The team from the “Indian Institute of Technology Madras” has developed a machine that generate water from thin air.

A (AWS) as we call , is able to convert the water from air and make it into drinkable water using nano-technology and micro-engineering.

AWGs has bee developed by in MS Scholar, PhD Scholar as well as a professor from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

Invention comes at the time when Chennai city faces a critical water crisis. The AWGs system will be able to generate water from the atmosphere itself.

The nano-technology , also known as (AWGs) worked upon by Pradeep Kumar (IIT Madras Professor) Ramesh Kumar (MS Scholar)

A Team of IIT Madras Develops Machine.

Ankit Nagar (PhD Scholar). The New technology comes under Vayujal Technologies Pvt Ltd late in the year of 2017, in September.

The aim of these machine is to utilize the moisture in the air and convert it into drinkable water.

Stated these idea came from the Beetle and Banana leaves that soak up the moisture in the atmosphere effectively for their use.

It use Micro-Engineering and NanoTechnology to come up with a water harvesting system which uses technology that facilitates faster condensation of the water in the air.

The AWGs Sources is state that the water is accumulated using a three-steps the process where with help of “Nano-engineered surfaces”, the water is quickly absorbed

Atmosphere Water Generator machine !

atmosphere water generator
atmosphere water generator

Now a day’s , the new prototype of machine is generate 100 litres at the IIT-Madras campus and a few other places in Chennai.

The new prototype machines with capacities of generate water from air is 400 litres and 2000 litres.

A 100 litre machine costs of AWGs is Rs. 1.5 lakh, and the operating cost between Rs. 1.50 to 2.50 per litre.

The machines can run on solar power, this making them completely off-grid and requiring minimal maintenance.

Use In Chennai last year we see in the monsoon they lost there water resources that is why they generate a new machine using nano-technology that we can drink water and this technology we use further in large scale…!

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New Invention is on Atmosphere Water Generator || Can we generate water from air ??

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