PUBG Mobile India: All you need to know the PUBG – New Privacy, Features, Release Date , and more !

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I’m here with the new post that is on” PUBG Mobile India: All you need to know the – New Privacy, Features, Release Date, and more that you want ! “

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On this during period , PUBG Mobile also completion of his time (ban time).

In India we all want PUBG in the Indian version so the to come back because it did not feel good without it, there was a need for PUBG for entertainment in our spare time.

Now this requirement is being met now.

The Ministry of IT said that “soon we will be comeback in India. With the new separate game play . ” It is a best and bonus gift for all Indian Gamers.

— Here we have some information with its arrival check it out:

1.PUBG Mobile India Data Privacy
2.PUBG Mobile India Features
3.PUBG Mobile India Release date

1. PUBG Mobile Data Privacy:


As we all know that “Data security of players is not much better. ” Now PUBG is back with new features and update and most importante thing is it is an Indian version !

PUBG Corporation announce that the sport grow “Data security” for its players and follow all the local rules and regulations.

It will launch with a new indian version name is PUBG Mobile it has been specifically for the Indian market.

2. PUBG Mobile India Features:


-The 100 million dollar investment
-The better data security of users
-Hit Color change & new contents
-New in-game changes
-Time registrations
-PUBG Mobile
-Creating a healthy gaming environment
-Virtual training ground
-New characters with new gifts.

3. PUBG Mobile India Release date:


Last but not least, In India to “the local computer game , e-sports, entertainment, and IT industries.”

PUBG Corporation are investing $100 million (approximately Rs. 746 crores) investments in PUBG Mobile.

Ministry of IT decided that PUBG Mobile India release Though the official date of the release is not yet out, as per a report from the Government Of India the game is expected to release in May or June 2021.

The team of PUBG mobile has not shared a release date of the PUBG Mobile.

Also, it brings a chance for employment in India :

Also, it brings a chance for employment in India

Ministry of IT as told us “The Indian gaming company will hire over 1000 employees in business, e-sports, and game development, and can look to actively collaborate and businesses to strengthen its gaming service additionally to establishing an area office.”

PUBG Mobile Indian version has been crossed 210,000 pre-registration , yet to be confirmed on store.

Pre-registrations for PUBG Mobile- India have opened on store with given date.
All Over 210,000 users have already registered for the PUBG mobile .

This year 2020 has been full of going to up & downs for the Indian PUBG Mobile players.

With the ban on the sport by the Ministry of Electronics and knowledge Technology, fans are expecting its full-fledged return.

Also Read This PUBG Updates :


A day’s ago , PUBG Corporation announced a new and separate version of PUBG for the users of India.

The handout also added that it’d be promoting the establishment of a branch office in India.

Recently in store, pre-registration of ‘PUBG Mobile for india– Indian has on the Store, which has left many players.

And Also Lightweight Installation Function in PUBG Mobile for india : Game’s file size reduced to 610 MB to 700 MB

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PUBG Mobile India: All you need to know the PUBG – New Privacy, Features, Release Date , and more !

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