Samsung Galaxy S21 Series- Full Specification || 2021 || Technogazm ||

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— Samsung Galaxy S21 Series, SOME SPECIFICATIONS :-

samsung galaxy S21

Bold new contour-cut camera design,
the fastest chip ever in Galaxy
and intelligent battery to outlast your day…

In ‘real-time’, you call the shots.
Choose between Ultra-wide, and when you want to get up close and more closely.
Or put yourself in the picture with Vlogger Mode.

Introducing S21 Series.

samsung galaxy S21

Precision camera elements and cutting-edge technology revolutionize how you capture video and photos. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Series
The revolution starts with 8K. 8K video goes beyond cinema.
The highest video resolution possible on a smartphone.
And with 8K Video Snap, you can take epic hi-res photos straight from the
Ground-breaking Director’s View reimagines movie-making.

It’s all covered in one take with unprecedented processor speeds
splicing every angle together on the fly.
So, without
lag, it’s all there is a single, seamless movie file, ready to share.
Super high resolution doesn’t stop at the


samsung galaxy S21

The epic story continues with an enhanced 108MP sensor
capturing rich color for true-to-life photos.
You can all but taste the details as you pinch in to discover photos within photos.

Our break-through Dual-Tele lens system brings the world closer to you.
With Zoom Lock, Space Zoom is now smoother,
and sharper than any zoom in Galaxy.

When the night calls for video,
enhanced noise rebate adventures after dark, brighter than ever.
And shooting 60ps across 4 lenses in 4K
makes every move look unbelievably smooth.

samsung galaxy S21

The first S Pen for S Series puts precision editing at your fingertips.
So you can now craft edits on the go and share in an instant, on 5G.
Our smoothest display ever is also the most intelligent on a smartphone.

120Hz refresh rate optimizes to what you’re watching,
while Eye Comfort Shield intelligently adjusts blue light for you.

With the fastest chip in Galaxy,
unsurpassed speed powers an epic camera experience.

Complete with dedicated ‘Samsung Knox vault’ for the highest level of hardware security.
An intelligent 5000mAh battery will outlast your day. Even on 5G.

S21 Ultra’s iconic contour-cut camera design
revolutionizes all a smartphone camera can do.
Designed to be epic in every way.
Galaxy S21 Ultra

Night Mode delivers our biggest leap in low-light photography.
Multi-frame blending and enhanced AI deep learning
transform low-light into bright, vivid photos.

samsung galaxy S21

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